We are Castle Day Nurseries... We have been educating children for over 10 years...
Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

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Motivated Teachers

The staff at Castle Day Nurseries are motivated and keen to learn as much as our kids do...

We're a Happy Group

A group that plays together stays together, something of a mantra for us at Castle Day Nurseries...

Painting & Drawing

Budding Picasso's are most welcome here, painting and drawing is such fun

Breakfast Club

Breakfast is from 8am for those who like a great start to the day...

Happy Social Group

Social skills are so important in the development of young children..

We love Numeracy & Literacy

Who doesn't... But we make it fun to do and fun to learn...

About Castle Day

The staff at Castle Day Nursery have a wealth and breadth of experience, backed by variety of qualifications in the childcare field, including special needs.

In these tricky times we live in it's hard for our parents to see what their children can get up to whilst they're with us. The videos below are a brief look at the sort of facilities and engaging activities we have for them...
Karen and Adrijana

Memorial Hall Sanderstead

Some staff have over 15 years experience of working with young children and all work as a team under the guidance of the Manager. All staff have Safeguarding training, staff also regularly review and assess the need to update their skills and attend training sessions as appropriate. We work closely with Early Years Learning Alliance, Speech and Language Team and other professionals

Our location

Is very favouably placed close to local schools, railway stations and transport links to central London and beyond.
Call us and see how local and connected we really are...

Sanderstead Memorial Hall

Mon-Fri , 8:00am to 3:00pm

Adrijana Owen & Karen King



Mon-Fri , 8:00am to 3:00pm

Ofsted & think we're

Very Good

There is funding available...

2 years funding as well as 30 hours for 3-5 years old...

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Happy Parents...

  • Fanstatic Nursery and Pre School! As a mother who's 3 children who have and still attended Castle Day I couldn't recommend it enough. The sheer commitment and dedication of all the staff is exemplary. My children would always jump out of bed raring to go to pre school. They loved the variety of activities and the space is fantastic for children to run free and play. They are so versatile in their activities, every day is so different; from drawing to baking, growing their own plants and putting on Christmas shows to name but a few. The staff understand each and every child's personalities and have always been their to support me as a parent whenever they could. I am not surprised this nursery is always full up, it's an excellent place to send you children and I would recommend it to everyone.

    Memorial Hall

    Claudia Lucas Mum
  • Such a brilliant nursery! I would recommend Castle Day to absolutely anyone in Croydon who is looking for good childcare. The level of care for the children is second to none and there has been many times that I could have stayed and played the entire day. The staff at the nursery are wonderful and really care for the children and make them feel at home. They provide a great environment for the children to learn, play and grow. Both of my children go to Castle Day and come home very happy and tell me what a great day they have had. I cannot thank the staff enough for helping to make my children the happy and confident little people.

    Memorial Hall



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Lot's more about us and what we do...

We're local & close to everything

Almost next door to local schools and the wide range of transport links

Admissions and how to come and join us

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Ofsted think we're good...

We worked very hard to make sure what we do is the very best it can be...

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